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Here's how Pixel works.

Pixel turns any photos you text it into real photo prints and delivers them to your doorstep.

How pixel works
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Takes less than 5 minutes to print
your first photo.

Available sizes
Pixel prints your photos at 4"x6" and 4"x"4 size automatically, depending on the dimensions of the photo you send.

No apps to download or accounts to create.

It's really great! You don't have to install a pesky app. It doesn't take up any extra space on your phone, and it just works!

1. Snap

Take a picture on your phone camera - like you already do.

2. Text

Text Pixel the photo you want printed at (310) 446-8921.

3. Done!

That's it. Seriously. Pixel will turn your digitial photo into a high quality print and mail it to you.


You can also send photos to your Mom, or best friend, or any address you like. Go on, score some kudos points. Your family and friends will love❤️ receiving real photo prints from their new favorite person⭐️.

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Try Pixel Today
Become your friends & family's favorite person
in less than 5 minutes.